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Barrie Chiropractor, Dr. Darryl Bossence

Dr. Darryl Bossence

Dr. Darryl Bossence, Chiropractor

I just wish I had known then what I know now!

I was playing junior hockey in my hometown of Chatham, Ontario. I got hit one night and landed on my backside. I had never had lower back pain before and I did not want to miss any playing time, so I called up the local chiropractor. It was a Saturday morning and I really didn’t expect his office to be open.

To my surprise, the doctor himself answered my call and told me to come straight to the office. I was shocked and totally impressed that he was not, in fact, at the office on Saturdays and that he arrived in his parking lot right after me and my parents.

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Dr. Lorne Papernick, Barrie Chiropractor

Dr. Lorne Papernick, Chiropractor


Dr. Lorne Papernick, Chiropractor

Dr. Lorne Papernick became interested in chiropractic while he was a competitive swimmer at 18 years old and was injured in a car accident. Due to neck pain from the accident, an x-ray was taken of his spine and the doctor that he saw told him that he was suffering from osteoarthritis of his spine. He went to see a chiropractor to try and get relief and to see what could be done.

Even though he never had pain prior to the accident, he was told by a chiropractor that having osteoarthritis at this age was not unusual and that the spine begins to degenerate ever since you are born.

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