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Hello Folks!

As some of you are aware, Dr. Karen Snow (Doctor of Naturopathy) has announced that she is leaving the Barrie Chiropractic and Health Services Centre office effective November 1, 2022. She is relocating her office to her home office in Thornton and will also have hours in Cookstown.

Some of you have expressed concern about being able to continue to get the supplements (Vitamins, Minerals, and other nutritional products) you are accustomed to using through her upon her departure.

We are very happy to relay to you that we will continue to stock the items you are most accustomed to getting through the office moving forward and after Dr. Karen’s departure. This includes the NFH brand.

We are aiming to be able to meet the needs that our Practice Members have enjoyed over the past years in Nutritional Supplements through both online order and delivery to your home, as well as through in stock items in our office.

We hope this will alleviate any concerns about securing supplements in Dr. Karen’s absence and any apprehensions travelling to obtain them.

Dr. Snow has been a key member of the Barrie Chiropractic and Health Services
Mission and a valuable part of our family for an amazing 10 years!
We will very much miss her and her contributions, and we are very confident that she will continue to excel while providing the valuable services she does in her Home Office location where she can enjoy a closer proximity to her family.

On a personal note, I am happy for her decision, but I will definitely miss her and the collaboration I have enjoyed professionally over the past 10 years.

I would like to extend a very hearty congratulations to Dr. Karen and her career thus far and her decision moving forward. As well as a very sincere appreciation for all she has done for our office, including the staff, practice members, our office environment, and for helping us all be better professionals through her teachings and leadership.

Best of luck, Dr. Karen!

Dr. Darryl Bossence, Dr. Lorne Papernick, Kim Davies, Donna, Corrie, and Janet

Dr. Darryl Bossence | Barrie, ON Chiropractor