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Dr. Lorne Papernick

Dr. Lorne Papernick became interested in chiropractic while he was a competitive swimmer at 18 years old and was injured in a car accident. Due to neck pain from the accident, an x-ray was taken of his spine and the doctor that he saw told him that he was suffering from osteoarthritis of his spine. He went to see a chiropractor to try and get relief and to see what could be done.

Even though he never had pain prior to the accident, he was told by a chiropractor that having osteoarthritis at this age was not unusual and that the spine begins to degenerate ever since you are born. The degeneration is caused by stresses including the birthing process, falls as a child, bad posture, sports injuries, etc. which cause misalignments in the spine (subluxations) and interference on the nervous system. These subluxations can cause degeneration approximately 2 weeks after the subluxations occur. He was told that pain can come on years later, at any time.

He began regular chiropractic care and was able to reverse the damage done to the spine. He also began to notice other problems that he was suffering from started to go away as well such as continual stomach pains. His chiropractor explained to him that the nervous system controls everything you do in your life including; the ability to heal injuries, your thoughts, your emotions, the organs being able to function properly, etc. When your spine gets adjusted by a chiropractor, interference on the nervous system is removed and your body is able to function better.

Graduating With Honors

He was so impressed with chiropractic that he went to Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and became a chiropractor, and graduated with clinic honors in 1995. During his time in practice, Dr. Lorne has adjusted some of the top athletes in the world. Dr. Papernick has a strong interest in wellness care. Dr. Papernick gets his regular adjustments along with all his family. He also obtained a Master’s degree in education to learn how to properly educate people on how to keep the one thing that controls everything in your body (the nervous system) working well, with the help of chiropractic.

Community Minded

Dr. Papernick continues to give back to the community and shares the gift of chiropractic by doing health talks for companies, schools, and community groups. He also helps coach hockey teams in his spare time.

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