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Dr. Darryl Bossence, D.C.

I just wish I had known then what I know now!

Dr. Darryl Bossence

I was playing junior hockey in my hometown of Chatham, Ontario. I got hit one night and landed on my backside. I had never had lower back pain before and I did not want to miss any playing time, so I called up the local chiropractor. It was a Saturday morning and I really didn’t expect his office to be open. To my surprise, the doctor himself answered my call and told me to come straight to the office. I was shocked and totally impressed that he was not, in fact, at the office on Saturdays and that he arrived in his parking lot right after me and my parents. He came in that day especially to see me! Wow. And what a huge help he was! He had my body working just right before our next game and he didn’t give me one single pill! I was absolutely impressed!

I already had an interest in how the body worked, in natural health, and performance. This chiropractic thing was an automatic career interest for me. Two years later that same chiropractor helped me return from a knee injury I sustained while playing hockey in the U.S. college system. I was back in the line-up weeks faster than anyone expected. That did it: I wanted to be a Doctor of Chiropractic and help others just like I had been helped. Little did I know just how helpful chiropractic truly is in achieving optimal function and optimal health! My experiences were awesome. But there is so much more to today’s chiropractic!

A Chiropractic Education

Dr. Darryl Bossence began his pre-chiropractic studies at the University of Alabama-Huntsville. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in biology while on a hockey scholarship. He recalls that, “the scholarship afforded me the opportunity to pursue my dream of going to chiropractic college and becoming a chiropractor.” After completing his degree, Dr. Bossence attended Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri. During the four years of study, courses included biochemistry, human anatomy and physiology, x-ray, physical examination and diagnosis, and chiropractic adjusting techniques, to name a few. He found learning about the history of health care through the 1800’s and 1900’s fascinating, especially the discovery of chiropractic in 1895 by fellow Canadian D.D. Palmer of Port Perry, Ontario. “That was ironic! It made my attendance at a U.S. school feel much more like home!” After graduating in 1998, Dr. Bossence found the shores of Kempenfelt Bay irresistible and made Barrie, Ontario his home.

We want our patients to have a good understanding of what we do and why.

We realize that many people new to chiropractic are a little nervous about what we do. After we collect as much information as possible about a patients problem or needs, we make every effort to explain everything to them before we do anything.

Dr. Bossence has been practicing Chiropractic in Barrie since 1998. He enjoys outdoor activities including fishing, hunting, boating and scuba diving. He is very involved with the Ontario Minor Hockey Association’s Hockey Trainers Certification Program, and is a member of the Barrie and District Hunters and Anglers Conservation Club. He has a family of four girls with his partner, Corrie, (Breanna, Regan, Jordana and Lakelan) and continues to play rec hockey to stay in shape!

“Thanks for visiting our site. I look forward to meeting you in person and learning how we may be of service to you. Give our office a call or email me and let’s arrange a time to explore your options. If you are already an existing patient of ours, I want to thank you for being a part of our practice. Your confidence in us is appreciated and so are you. I hope you feel comfortable asking if there is anything we can do to make your experiences with us even better.”

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