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Justine Treadwell, Osteopathy BKin., M.OMSc., RHEP

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Justine Treadwell, Osteopathy

I have always had a passion for health and fitness. As a varsity hockey player, I was particularly interested in working with other athletes and continuing in a sports environment after graduating. My vision changed and decided to pursue Osteopathy because I did not want to be limited to working with a special population, I wanted to be able to help anyone and everyone. This felt more fulfilling and interesting to me.

I have been interested in Osteopathy ever since I was treated by an Osteopath for hockey-related concussions and whiplash when I was in high school. I was amazed at the treatment approach being so precise, non-invasive and incredibly effective. Until then I never knew concussions (and other cranial and organ dysfunctions) could be treated with manual therapy.

Osteopathic sessions involve complete hands-on, individualized treatment from the practitioner. This is something I really valued as a patient and it has always stuck with me while training to become a practitioner myself. I always allow enough time for my patients to be heard, to ask questions and to receive a well thought out treatment approach that does not feel rushed or generalized.

Helping Others Improve Their Health

I believe in natural medicine and the body’s ability to self-heal. Yes, during a treatment, I am applying changes to the position and tension of tissues & structures, but most of the credit goes to your body. Osteopathic treatment aims to work with the body rather than forcing structures into alignment. It is this approach that produces lasting results rather than temporary pain relief. I feel that my responsibility is to provide treatment that helps restore your body’s optimal environment to self-heal and self-regulate. Natural physiological processes do the healing. The body is incredibly intelligent and is capable of overcoming the majority of dysfunctions that occur as long as it is relieved from obstructions and restrictions (and of course proper nutrition). In other words, when nerve, blood and lymphatic pathways are free and open, tissues and organs function optimally.

I believe my purpose is to help others improve their health. It’s true! I am someone who believes we are all here for a reason with different roles to help serve our world and other beings. Nothing brings me more joy than using my skills, knowledge and energy to help improve the health and wellbeing of others. I genuinely feel privileged to have turned my passions into my career. Each patient I come across is a new opportunity to make a difference in not only their life but the people in their life as well.

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